The Dashboard is your central location to view and manage all of the sites you’ve created. There are many features and controls available in one area. We will discuss them each one by one.

Create Mobile Site
Click this button to convert or create a new site. A detailed explanation of this feature is available here.

Create Responsive Sites
Click this button to convert or create a new multi-screen site. A detailed explanation of this feature is available here.

You can quickly locate a specific site by typing in the Site Name into the search box. The site name is listed in bold under the Site Name column.

In order to help you quickly find the site you are looking for, this column provides a snapshot image of the mobile site. Snapshot images are refreshed every day.

Site Controls
You’ll find several options to manage your site. Just click one of the corresponding buttons to preview, edit, share, access stats, or reset the site completely.

This column displays the subscription status of the site, whether it is Free or Premium. You can also upgrade to a premium site, or manage your billing info.

Dashboard Navigation Bar
This top bar in your Dashboard allows you to access different sections of your account, as well as information about your account and payments.

• Account
• inSite
• DudaPro (resellers only)
• Stats
• Resources

The two areas you can access from this tab are General and API Access. The General section allows you to alter your email/password associated with the account. You can also modify how often you will receive emails regarding your account in this section. You can learn more about this section by

clicking here.
The API Access section is for anyone interested in getting access to the API and documentation. To learn more about this feature you can click here.

The inSite section allows you to easily create and add insites to any of the DudaOne sites within your account.

The DudaPro section will be available in your Dashboard if you have a subscription to DudaPro. In the DudaPro section you will have access to reseller features. These features include the following:
• Partner Portal (portal for DudaPro resellers, filled with resources for managing reseller accounts and site)
• Custom Domain (set your custom domain for your reseller account)
• Communications (customize email communications that go out to users from your account)
• Users & Permissions (set up staff member and users with levels of permissions to sites they are added to)

The Stats page gives you access to the analytics of sites in your account. You can learn more about this feature by clicking here.

The Dashboard now features the Resources section. This is a section intended to be your hub of knowledge for getting more familiar with the Duda platforms.

The Resources section is broken down in the following sub-sections;
• Sales Collateral (DudaPro only)
• Product Training
• Case Studies
• Webinars

The Sales Collateral section is for DudaPro resellers only. This section will help provide selling tools, so that you can easily sell sites to clients. If you are interested in becoming a reseller you can learn more by clicking here.
The Product Training section is a resource that covers trainings on every aspect of the Duda platforms, plus trainings for resellers.
In the Case Studies section you will find real world examples of how other businesses are using Duda for their site needs.
In the Webinars section you will find videos with demos on current and new topics and features in the Duda platforms.

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