Design Control

Drag-and-Drop Editor

BiBiApps provides an intuitive, drag-and-drop editor that significantly cuts down on development time.

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Create an ultra-personalized website that’s content will automatically change based on a visitor’s proximity to a business, how many times they’ve visited the site, time of day and more.
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Modern Templates

An ever-growing library of sleek and modern templates provides the basis for every BiBiApps site.

Color Palettes

Complementary color palettes are pulled from an existing site and can be altered easily during editing.

HTML5 and CSS3

The BiBi editor provides full access to a site’s code for increased flexibility and control.

Font Styles

Over 50 font styles are available to be used throughout a site.

Edit By Device

Every element in BiBiApps can be customized on a per device basis, giving full control over the site.


The BiBiApps editor provides pre-built rows that include a variety of widgets to further speed up design and development time.

Flexible Navigation Styles

Easily select from various navigation styles for tablet and mobile.

Flat UI Design

A flat user interface is an increasingly popular design for websites and encourages customer conversion.


Upload a favicon to be shown on a browser tab.

Copy and Paste

To make site building faster, copy and paste any element inside of a site.


Make sweeping or individual changes to the background of an entire website or row.

Page Duplication

Make entire copies of a page to use its design in other areas of a website.

Import Content

Pull all the content from any existing website. The initial import will place all the content into a chosen template. While editing, additional content can be imported from a variety of sources online.

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