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Off-hours2inSite is a revolutionary tool to help you create personalized web content based on user behaviour. inSite lets you configure your website and the content based on different users and different triggers. So for example you can decide on specific content to show people at different times of the day or if someone is coming from a mobile device versus a desktop device, you could show different content. If it’s a first time visitor you could show a video versus someone coming for the third time you might want to offer them to join your mailing list.

The ideal users on inSite are small businesses or web
professionals, agencies, digital marketers, anybody who wants to personalize web content based on user behaviour. It’s important as a business owner to show the right content to the right user. People are coming to your website looking for specific information. If you have an understanding of who this person is and what they want, why not show them the right content. This is exactly what inSite does. It personalizes your customers experience and in turn boosts your sales.

menu2Let’s say for example that you own a restaurant, and a potential customer/user, goes to your restaurants website. Depending on the time of day and with a trigger set in inSite, it shows the person coming to your restaurant site at lunchtime the lunch menu, and the person visiting the site at dinner time, the dinner menu. It cuts down on user time. Over 60% of people use a smart device to search the internet these days and they want their information quick and hassle free. With inSite on we let you make your customers choices easier. So if a visitor to your site has less to think about to make that choice, it’s easier for them and there are a lot more sales for you. inSite is also very easy to use. You simply go into our editor on and select a trigger, which could be the time of day, or the location of the user and basically match the content that you want to show that user at that time. Very simple, very easy, just a couple of clicks and it’s done.

holiday-special-events3You can also add coupons to appear on a certain day of the week. For example 20% off Thursday special. Or free cup of coffee Fridays. If they are searching nearby, you can add a location button with a link to Google Maps, or a click to call button. If it is a first time visitor you can have a welcome message appear for their first visit. Whatever you think will help boost traffic and sales to your site, you can certainly get it on inSite with

small-biz-weekinSite is a big game changer, this is the first time that a DIY website builder is offering dynamic content to small businesses and web professionals. Up until now this type of capability has only been available to large enterprises and big brands.

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