Twitter Cover Design

WOOCS 1.1.6

This design package features a Customized Twitter Cover image and Profile Image customized with the look and feel of your product brand and website or personal blog.

It's important to give a personalized touch to any of your social media platforms. In doing so you can raise the visual interest of the visitor, who based on whether the design of your page is impressive or not, will continue or not to read your updates, and eventually decide to follow you and visit your website and eventually endorce your product, services or website through their tweets.

A huge mistake made by most marketers is putting the emphasis on quantity and not quality. If you have an very enticing Twitter page design with nice graphics and suggestive images, straight away you will draw the attention of the visitor.

BiBiApps's designers deliver professional customized graphics to perfectly suit your Twitter profile.

Over the next 7 days, you will receive each new design for review and request up to 4 FREE revisions per design.


We’re more than happy to throw some ideas around about how Social Media Marketing with Twitter can help your business. Feel free to drop us a line.

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