Responsive e-Commerce Website Design Tips

Responsive eCommerce Website Design Tips. By now, unless you have had your head in the sand, you will be more than aware of the importance of having a Responsive/Mobile-friendly website for your business. So let us take a look at a responsive eCommerce website this time, and the elements to be considered. Responsive websites are our specialty here at, working seamlessly across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. All of the ideas and tips I am going to go through with you here are

What we do on a daily basis. So lets get started……

e-commerceWhen planning for your eCommerce website, there are a huge amount of things to consider and set up like, detailed product information. Decide how much information you want about a product or if it is just to be an image of a product with a link with quality product images.Incorporate a simple and transparent checkout process with Click to Order buttons and a variety of payment options with trusted payment providers like PayPal.

Show low stock items to encourage quick purchases and drive sales up. Add coupons that can be scheduled weekly to entice a purchase.You should look to have adequate product filters and search options so your customers don’t have to really think too much while navigating your online store. Reliable customer service options through your Contact Us page add trust to your brand. User-friendly navigation and catchy website design with a focus on the products is the best way to get traffic to your online store.These ideas are just scratching the surface of what you could potentially have on your eCommerce store, the list goes on.

You probably have some kind of website already set up, so don’t let that content go to waste, it is still very usable.

Try our free demo on how to use our software to create your e-Commerece store. Here you can browse our many themes and templates, enter your existing URL to import the content from your  existing site to our software and play around with our easy to use tools like Drag & Drop to add coupons, images, pages, whatever you want, there is no code needed, it’s all done for you in the background. It can also pull images and posts from social networking sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin connected to your site, so nothing goes to waste.

You can also preview what your site would look like on desktop, tablet and mobile, and if you don’t like the way one looks you can edit the look and feel of just that device independent of the others.

This is just a taste of what can be done with award winning software so click over to have a look and play around with it. If you don’t have the time or patience for this type of thing then simply let us do it for you. Contact us for a chat about what we can do for you.

I hope some of these ideas were useful to you in deciding what kind of content and tools that are available to have on your online store. It doesn’t have to be expensive and technical so let the experts take care of it for you.

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