Why Do I need a Responsive Website

Resposnsive-WebdesignWe are at a stage now where mobile devices are our main resource for the online world. The home PC itself has come on at an amazing rate over the last few years and is still rapidly changing. The most recent part of that change was Google’s announcement that they are expanding their use of mobile-friendly sites as a ranking tool. Which basically means that if your site is not mobile optimized by the 21st of April 2015 you will be left back in the stone age of the online world. Which I suppose is why it’s being dubbed MOBILEGEDDON!

The fact that in 2014, officially, mobile internet usage exceeded traffic from PC’s, FACT! And it will just keep growing.

For kids growing up today this is the norm. They never had to deal with dial up. Remember that anyone? You would take the phone wire from your parents home phone, plug it into the back of the hub, put your search into Google and wait……….. and wait………… and wait some more. Listening to the crackling and clicking and pinging of the connection trying to be made. Then maybe, and I mean a big maybe…. you might just get to see the first 30 second of the latest chart topping video all your classmates are talking about before you were sent to bed. Then came Broadband…….. YES!!!!!!!!

Nowadays kids and us can search to our hearts content. Searching, blogging, downloading, sharing…. it’s all the norm now. Even schools have got in on the act. A lot of schools now don’t even use text books. The kids just download the software for the year and away they go!
No more dog ears on textbooks. Managing to put dog ears on an iPad is no easy task, believe me!

So with all these changes taking place and the mobile devices taking over the PC’s at an ever growing rate, it’s time to get Responsive/Mobile-Friendly.

Having a Responsive website means that your website can be viewed on multiple devices, like a desktop, tablet and mobile phone. www.bibiapps.com have the software to do this for you, very easily and hasle free. We have an ever growing library of themes and templates to choose from to create or re-create your responsive, mobile-friendly website. We can also create Apps for your business with a huge range of add ons and tools.

If you want to bring your business website to the next stage of the online saga then you need a responsive, mobile-friendly website. It’s as simple as that.

Click on over to www.bibiapps.com and try a free demo. See what your site will look like as a responsive website by easily importing the content of your existing website over to our software. Browse through the different options and features we have to offer. Check out the extra add ons that would make your website look fresh, new and professional. Get in contact with us so we can help you on your journey to transform your website from the old to the new!

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