Website Architecture

Reliable Hosting

BiBiApps offers free hosting on the industry-leading Amazon Cloud.

Site backups

Create site backups to store the site’s current version. You can then revert back to this version at any time.

Global CDN

BiBiApps hosts static files (images, pdfs, docs, etc..) on a Global Content Delivery Network. This reduces load times for your site visitors.

Site Duplication

If you’ve created a site you like, and want to base a new one off its design, you can duplicate the site and then edit it as needed.

Custom Domain

Full control to customize a site’s domain name.

RESS (Dynamic Serving)

BiBiApps websites respond to the type of device a visitor is viewing the site on. Content is then optimized accordingly for desktop, tablet or mobile.

Fully Responsive Framework

BiBiApps is based on the ZURB Foundation framework.


BiBiApps automatically tracks all stats associated with a site. Accessed via the BiBiApps dashboard, this includes: total site traffic, user engagement and events, traffic source and physical location of site visitors. Google Analytics accounts can also be integrated with the BiBiApps platform.

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