What Is A Responsive Website

responsive_webdesign2Responsive websites are websites that respond to whichever screen they are being viewed on. In other words, the text and images on the page rearranges itself to fit the screen or device that the browser is open on.

For example, if you you go to a non-responsive website on your desktop, you are going to get the full screen view of the page being viewed. No problem, looks good. If you then take your tablet and open the same website page, it just doesn’t look right. The page doesn’t seem to fit and you find yourself having to swipe across and zoom in to see what it is you are looking for. If you then take your smart phone and open the same page, it is almost impossible to find your way around. You seem to be scrolling and zooming forever and it is not a very nice experience. Chances are you’re not going to stick around on
that site, you’ll go elsewhere to find what it is you’re looking for.

When you browse and find a responsive website on the other hand, no matter what device you are on, the content is right there for you, looking pretty, and very easy to navigate around.

This is accomplished by adding responsive code to the back end of html page. There are different sets of CSS instructions that can change the size when the browser is below a certain amount of pixels among other things like changing text colour and headers. That’s all a bit too technical for somebody who runs a small business and just wants his/her customers to be able to enjoy their online experience at his/her website so we won’t go into all that.

Responsive website design doesn’t have to be as difficult or daunting as all that. You don’t need to know a guy who know’s a guy who’s best friends cousin is a website developer designer type dude who charges an obscene amount of money to get this done for you. There are much easier and less expensive ways to get your website responsive.

So that is basically what being responsive is and what it can do for your business to bring it into the next stage of the online marketplace. Mobile use of the internet has already exceeded that of PC traffic and is growing everyday. Google are pushing this fact by changing their rankings toward websites that are mobile friendly.

So now is the time to get your site responsive and kee up with the competition. Don’t delay, visit our Responsive Design Page

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